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Improving Performance & Profitability 

PMR has an excellent track record of helping providers improve patient outcomes and critical metrics for success in value-based care (MLR, MRA, HEDIS and other wellness metrics, hospital admissions, member growth, etc.). PMR’s approach to partnering with providers is unique in the following ways:

Provider to provider relationship

PMR's practice improvement model stems from the proven best practices and resources of a large, physician owned provider group with over two decades focused on value based medicine. A partnership with PMR includes access to our team of expert practicing primary care and specialty physicians. This group provides training, best practices, and availability to answer real-time questions as they arise.

Customized, hands-on approach

Given our provider roots, we understand how busy practices are in seeing patients and how important it is to safeguard the patient flow. We therefore customize the deployment for each client, work in the background where possible, and provide frequent on-site assistance to maximize uplift from our state-of-the art tools and processes while also ensuring changes are implemented in a sustainable way.

Comprehensive toolkit

We have a comprehensive set of tools, training, and technology to drive improvements in many areas. Technology is only deployed as helpful for each client and the offerings include the following:

  1. A bi-directional web-portal that allows practices to have seamless communication with PMR. The portal is designed to fit with PMR’s processes and it delivers up-to-date customized patient specific order forms for HEDIS, wellness programs, and chronic condition assessments. It also helps facilitate hospital coordination and provides a variety of other data 
  2. Analytical tools and scorecards that provide insights into all aspects of performance (e.g., network performance, patient predictive models, documentation accuracy gaps)

Aligned incentives

Our partnership model ensures we are only compensated when our clients achieve success. We are as committed to their success as they are and we provide the resources and tools necessary to ensure their goals are achieved.

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